Weird cat behaviour

Just when you thought you knew your cat inside out, she proved you wrong by doing something baffling and unexpected. However, there may be a valid reason behind each of kitty’s weird behaviours – here’s five reasons why Puss may be acting strangely.
By Pets Team
Published on Friday, 17 April 2015

Making Biscuits

Sometimes you will see, or feel Puss repeatedly pushing its paws against you or a soft object – almost like she’s kneading bread. A leftover trait from their kittenhood, where they kneaded at their mom’s teats to ensure a flow of milk, this may have been carried over to their adulthood, when they are comfortable on a soft surface (or lying on you).

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Another behaviour left over from their kittenhood, suckling often correlates to kneading. If your cat was weaned too early, she may develop this habit of suckling on different materials or clothes, which should not be encouraged, as Puss could ingest harmful pieces of plastic or wool.

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This may be the most normal behaviour in the list, but occasionally your cat may rub its face against your leg, or any random object. Often seen as a sign of affection (as it may well be), this is also the cat’s way of marking her property. Since they have scent glands around their ears, nose, cheeks and even chins, they’re basically rubbing their scent onto you, essentially warning off any other cats.


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 Elevator butt

Occasionally, when you pet your cat, you may notice her go into ‘elevator mode’, where she raises only her hindquarters into the air. This habit is essentially Puss encouraging you to scratch the spot at the base of her tail. However, if her tail is swept to the side and she keeps her hindquarters in the air, she may be in estrus.

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Perhaps the most unsavoury of the weird habits, occasionally we are greeted by a dead or semi-dead critter. Since most cats have a high prey drive, you will occasionally see Puss hunting down insects, lizards or birds – keeping them alive as long as possible. There’re a few theories to this, that perhaps Puss is thanking her owners with a gory gift, or that she may be trying to show her superior hunting skills.

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