Frenchie toast

Instagram stars like Sir Charles Barkley and celebrity pet owners like Hugh Jackman have turned the French Bulldog into dog du jour. So we got Singapore’s hippest Frenchie, Plato (of @helloplato_the_frenchie), to show us what it takes to become famous.
By Pets Team
Published on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Vintage Advantage
Frenchies and antique furniture go together like white on rice, so snap a bowtie on your little furry gentleman, pop him on a distressed wooden chair or chest of drawers, and then wave around a piece of bacon to put a “smile” on his face.

On the Lookout 
Chilling by the window looks extra adorable when you have a squishy snout and bulgy peepers. While any frame will do, a wooden one lends a cool Scandinavian touch to the snapshot.

Twinsie time
These days, French Bulldogs are so hip, their likeness is printed on textiles and made into ornaments. Place Fido side by side with his doppelganger, and watch his Instagram followers coo and ‘like’.


Kiddy combo 
Dogs and children have always been a winning formula, as their innocence and spirited expressions are easily captured on camera. According to Plato’s owner, posts of her daughter Amber together with Plato have consistently drawn the most ‘likes’ on Instagram.

Natural light is best
It gives a light, airy vibe and the fur models tend to look more chipper too. Position your pooch by a big window, along the corridor, or simply grab shots of him when he’s out for a walk—pick a spot that’s slightly shady as it gives the photo a softer finish.

Say cheese, Fido
Frenchies are affectionately dubbed "clowns of the canines", as they have incredibly expressive faces and comical appearances. Get your furkid to “smile” by exciting him with his favourite treat or toy.