3 Different Dog-Training Methodologies

Whether you’ve met your canine companion as a puppy or an adult, training is an essential part of a dog’s growth.

5 Commands Every Human Must Know

It is not only dogs that need obedience school. How well-trained are you at following these five doggy commands?

Agility for all pups

Dog agility is no longer just a competitive sport for selected breeds. Even your pint-sized pooch can benefit from it! Here are some reasons why you and your pup should take the leap.

Making the cut

Despite vets extolling the virtues of neutering or spaying a pet, many paw-rents think it’s an act of cruelty (it’s not). Still apprehensive about sterilising your furkid? We help bust the most common myths.

A fuller life

Just like us, clever Fido gets bored too—a good mix of mental and physical stimulation is the key to a happy and well-balanced pooch.

Taming a hissy feline

Contrary to popular belief, even the most mischievous cat can be rehabilitated. Here’s how to show the little terrifying furball who’s boss.

Decoding your pet

Ever wondered what Fido or Puss would say if they spoke our language? To some extent, their behaviour says a lot more than you think.

Rein it in: No-pull dog harness reviews

A dog that drags his paw-rent around is more than just a sight gag—a strong hound could potentially injure you. We put these top no-pull harnesses to the test, so you can regain control of your excited pooch.

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Still got some Chinese New Year visiting to do? Here's our guide to a fuss-free visiting experience with Fido in tow.

Dog tethering: Where do you draw the line?

It’s not uncommon to see pooches tethered outside a convenience store while their paw-rents pop in to run errands. But when does restraining a dog become inhumane? We consult our panel of experts.