Get Fido invited

It's never a real party without your furkid, so here's a simple guide to get him invited to every shindig.
By Pets Team
Published on Friday, 30 January 2015

There’s no doubt that a well-behaved pooch will add to the revelry at any party, but sadly, Fido is often left home alone while you’re out merrymaking. Let your furkid in on the fun by helping him score invitations to the hottest parties in town!

1. Make friends with fellow dog lovers

When you next head to a dog park or pet-friendly cafe with Fido, put on your social hat. Interact with other pet parents and get to know them. People love talking about their animals, so approach them and show interest in their pets. Expanding your social circle to include fellow animal lovers will increase chances of your pooch getting invited to a doggy party.

 2. Be active on social media.

In the same way that putting your best selfie on a dating app will score you a bevy of potential suitors, showing the most adorable side of Fido on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebookcan also spark interest among your friends. Photograph him in various settings, such as chilling on a picnic mat in the park or at the beach, to demonstrate how well-behaved he can be outdoors. It won’t be long before an invite to the next doggy get-together comes your way—just don’t be offended if it is addressed to your pooch and not to you.

3. Never turn up with a furry companion unexpectedly

Unless the invite explicitly states that dogs are welcome, never spring an uninvited pooch on your host, even if he has pets of his own. Besides being extremely impolite, you may encounter guests at the party who may be allergic to pet dander or are afraid of canines. Similarly, the resident dog may not always be friendly with his own kind either. To avoid awkward situations where you may be turned away, show courtesy byapproaching the owner of the house to ask if it’s okay for Fido to tag along. Do not take offence if the host says‘no’. Besides, if the party turns out to be a yawn, the excuse of “I’ve to head back to feed my dog” will come in extremely handy.


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