Quick Tips for Surviving the Dog Park

A quick guide to surviving the dog park.
By Pets Team
Published on Thursday, 28 October 2010

A quick guide to surviving the dog park.

Before you go

Consider your dog’s age, activity level, personality, and play style. Some dogs, often the mature ones, don’t enjoy romping with other dogs off-leash. Dogs who are attention-seeking would love visiting the dog park, as they get attention from both humans and other canines.

Basic obedience training

Ensure your dog has at least the most basic obedience skills. This helps you maintain some control even when he is off-leash. He should be familiar with either “Stop” or “No”.

Be cautious with kids

Children love to play and may not know how to play properly with dogs. They may tease them or play rough with dogs which can make dogs react by snapping or being overly-excited. Children can get knocked over or bitten, in the worst cases. Always keep a close eye on both the child and the dog and remove them from each other should play get too rough or over-stimulated.

Avoid congregating

Owners movement helps keep the dog focused on them, and prevents the dogs from having a free-for-all. Any play that lasts longer than a few minutes should be interrupted, just to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.