Rein it in: No-pull dog harness reviews

A dog that drags his paw-rent around is more than just a sight gag—a strong hound could potentially injure you. We put these top no-pull harnesses to the test, so you can regain control of your excited pooch.
By Pets Team
Published on Thursday, 11 February 2016

from Link 2 Link Asia Pacific
$32.10 to $54.57 (for sizes XXS to L)
How it works: Constructed using sturdy yet lightweight polyester nylon, this attractive-looking, one-piece harness is a breeze to slip on Fido. It goes over your pooch’s head and is secured behind his front legs with just one buckle clip. The size is conveniently adjusted via Velcro straps across the chest panel—simply slide the protective neoprene chest sleeve to one side and adjust accordingly. If the red line shows after the proper adjustment is reached, your dog needs the next size up. It has a built-in grab handle that offers optimal control, while a stainless steel ring for leash attachment slides effortlessly across the grab handle to maintain limited harness movement during walks.
Verdict: We struggled a little with the neoprene sleeve when sliding it aside to adjust the Velcro straps, but the tight fit of the sleeve ensured that it stayed put during walks. While the harness didn't encourage pulling when our tester trotted at a moderate pace, it was less effective when she broke into a sudden sprint. The excellent craftsmanship and ergonomic design make this a good harness for mild pullers, while the grab handle is a boon as it gives added control whenever necessary.
Score: 3.5/5

from DHKS Singapore

Price: $39.59 (for sizes Small to Large)
How it works: Fashioned out of a single piece of smooth nylon rope, this harness applies an even amount of pressure under the girth instead of pinching under the front legs. It should be worn such that the stiff reinforced section is at the chest area, and the rope slips over the animal’s head like a necklace. The leash ring sits on the back of the dog, while the cord lock allows the harness to be adjusted for a customised fit.
Verdict: Although the rope design seemed like it could potentially chafe our tester, it turned out to be a very comfortable harness that we could easily slip onto her. When she began pulling, the harness gently and evenly tightened around her without pinching the skin on her underarms or chest. As a result, she quickly stopped pulling. Due to its lightweight, unobtrusive design, our tester’s movement didn’t seem constricted at all. The construction of the harness doesn’t seem particularly sturdy, so while it works well on a moderate puller, the rope and metal hardware may fray and wear with frequent use by a stronger puller or bigger pooch.
Score: 4.5/5


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