Crazy curls

Q: During the school holidays, my Poodle went out a lot, and each time she returned, her fur was matted! My husband and I spent hours detangling her fur. What are some grooming tips to keep my furkid knot-free?

Tender tummy

Q: My dog often gets mild diarrhoea or indigestion from ingesting just about anything, including wet canned food and fruit. What foods or supplements can help tackle his belly woes?

Homecoming queen

Q: The stray cat below my block is sweet and gentle, and allows me to handle her and bring her to the vet when she’s unwell. I am thinking of adopting her but have concerns about how she might react in a home environment after roaming outdoors for so long. How do I ease her into becoming a house cat?

Staying pretty after potty

Q: Cleaning up after my 12-year-old Shih Tzu is very difficult as her old age causes her to make a mess each time she pees and poops. Is there any way I can groom her fur so it does not get dirty as easily?

Too much energy for recovery

Q: My eight-month-old Jack Russell Terrier was spayed a week ago, but she is already back to her hyperactive self. I thought she would be calmer and less excitable. Should I stop her from playing in case her healing is hindered?

Hearty meals and medications

Q: My 15-year-old Schnoodle has a severe heart murmur. So far, the only way I’ve been able to feed him his medicine is by rolling it into egg yolk. Is this safe for my dog?

Weepy chin

Q: My eight-year-old Chinchilla has been getting wet patches around his eyes quite frequently. Initially, I thought he had an infection, but the patches would quickly disappear after a day. What should I do?

Joint efforts

I recently noticed that my 13-year-old cat has stopped playfully jumping up onto shelves and tables. I suspect she has arthritis. What lifestyle changes are recommended to manage her condition?

Fido’s attention issues

My two-year-old pooch is becoming increasingly clingy. While he’s generally well-behaved during playtime, he starts barking to get my attention if I leave him alone after. Yet, it’s almost impossible to get his attention and he doesn’t listen when I tell him to stop doing something. What should I do?

Sweet sensations

Q: My four-year-old, 2.3kg Yorkshire Terrier enjoys his kibbles with boiled sweet potato or potato, followed by five to 10 wolfberries soaked in warm water as dessert. He also eats pineapples, apples and banana in between meals. Are these foods good for him, and do they contribute to a healthy diet?

Bathing without Bloodshed

Q: I just adopted a one-year-old Domestic Shorthair cat. I would like to give her a bath and trim her nails. How should I go about it?

Bunny belly woes

Q: My two-year-old rabbit hasn’t been eating much for the past few days and his stool volume has decreased. He sits in a loafing position and doesn’t move much. I also occasionally hear some gurgling noises from his tummy. What should I do?

Leaving on a jet plane

Q: I have been offered an overseas posting to the U.S. for two years. I am weighing the odds of whether it’ll be a good idea to bring my 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier along. Although he is generally healthy, I’m concerned whether he’ll be able to withstand the move. What should I take into consideration?

Is kitty getting a stroke?

Q: My senior cat just turned 15 years old, and he has been healthy all these years with a good appetite and a mind of his own. However, he recently developed a head tilt, moves in circles to the right, and isn’t able to walk properly. There’s also been a drop in his appetite, and he seems to be in distress. What could be wrong?

My dog can't stop kissing me!

Q: I recently adopted a six-year-old mongrel. She is very affectionate and good-natured. However, she is extremely fond of licking our faces. What can we do to stop that habit?