Hip Dysplasia

Q: I've heard that hip dysplasia is common in breeds like Golden Retrievers. What is this condition? Could you advise how I can help prevent the onset of this for my own Goldie?

Bunny snuffles

Q: My bunny seems to have an unusually wet nose and has been sneezing quite often lately. Her paws are matted with discharge and mucus from wiping her nose. Does she have snuffles? What can I do?

Bathing bunnies

Q: I am a new owner of a rabbit and I've some doubts over the dos and don'ts of rabbit care. Can I bathe my rabbit? If not, how do I keep him clean, as his fur is getting dirty as he lies on his pee. My rabbit is kept in an aluminum cage with aluminum gauze at its base. Is it harmful to the rabbit's feet? What should be placed on the base instead?


Q: My dog has a hard time pooping, how do I help him?

Pimple-like spots appearing after sterilisation

Q: I noticed that my 8 month old medium size local breed dog, Rocky started growing pimple-like spots near his groin area. They appeared five to six days after he was sterilized. After sterilization, I noticed that the fur on his front legs was getting patchy and there are three spots that seem to be losing hair. What is happening?

My cat chews on plants!

Q: My cat, Patches, has developed a habit of chewing on my dad's plants. Is this normal behaviour? Should I be concerned?

The importance of grooming

Q: Is grooming necessary for dogs? If yes, how often should I send my dog for grooming?

Seed in the tummy

Q: I have a 10-year old male Maltese and he swallowed a durian seed two weeks ago. The seed is around four cm in length. We visited the vet and she said that if he does not vomit or show signs of discomfort, we can just leave it in his stomach. Even though my dog behaves normally, I am still worried for him. Can a durian seed be digested? Is it possible to leave the seed in the body without having to bring him in for surgery?

Guinea pig abscesses

Q: My guinea pig has been having abscesses for four years. It happens a few times a year and even after bringing her to the vet to have them drained, they keep recurring. Why is this happening and is there a cure?

Paw Licking

Q: My 3-year-old toy poodle seems to be licking his paws frequently. Is this common in toy poodles? I have been checking him constantly and there doesn't seem to be any obvious skin problems on his paws. I've heard that sometimes it can be an allergy. What is considered excessive licking and how would I know if it were an allergy or not?

Drying our furkids

Q: Is towel-drying or blow-drying our pets right after a shower advisable?

Canine Epilepsy: what you should know

Canine Epilepsy, or seizures in dogs, are not uncommon. There can be a myriad of reasons why a dog suffers from epilepsy. While it may be a frigtening experience for owners who have never witnessed a seizure before, it is important to know what to do when, or if it happens.