Helping Your Dog To Poop

Here’s a list of simple tips that may help Fido do his daily business.

Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

If you’ve noticed Fido gasping inward heavily instead of outward in a sneeze, it could actually be a reverse sneeze.

Why Is Fido Always Hungry?

Here are four reasons to explain why your furkid is hungry all the time.

Puss Prefers Humans

It seems that our felines might enjoy our company more than we think!

Stranger (Furry) Things

Our four-legged friends do have their fair share of behaviours that are truly baffling.

Making The Cut

Still apprehensive about sterilising your furkid? We help bust the most common myths.

Machine washable

Q: Are paw washers worth investing in? My two Malteses sleep with me on the bed and I’m not sure how clean their paws are after walks if I use just wet wipes. Will using a paw washer every day dry their paw pads and skin out? How can I make sure my dogs are clean enough to sleep on my bed in between baths?

A soft touch

Q: When my four-month-old Sealyham Terrier plays with my other dogs, she always goes for their legs or tails, often causing them to bruise. I’ve scolded her many times, but it doesn’t always work. What can I do to make her stop?

Natural calm

Q: My anxious 11-month-old rescue dog goes through rounds of panic and alert barking, and my trainer suggested giving it calming natural remedies like valerian root, Bach flower remedies and catnip extract. What natural remedies are safe to be given to my pooch and which would you recommend?