Mouth management

Q: My nine-year-old Maltese had her teeth scaled three months ago and I’ve been brushing her teeth twice daily with doggy toothpaste and a muslin cloth since. However, some portions of her gum seem inflamed, plaque has built up a little (though less than when I didn’t brush), and she still has foul breath. What else can I do to improve her dental health?

Eye opener

Q: My 14-year-old adopted cat has been with us for two years, and she’s been having a recurrent eye problem ever since we got her. We don’t know her history, so we have no idea howlong she’s had the condition. The discharge is usually clear and sometimes slightly brown. We’ve been to many vets and tried different eye drops, but each time it clears up, it comes back in a matter of weeks. What could be wrong and what other treatments can I consider?

Pug life

Q: I am thinking of getting a Pug, but read online that their short muzzles could cause health issues and shorten their lifespans. Is this true? What are some other health conditions I should be wary of? Any tips to keep my future Pug in optimal health?

Furry cancer fighter

Q: My Golden Retriever was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. The vet advised against chemotherapy, so he is currently on steroids instead. Is there any way I can improve his diet to make it more suitable for his current condition? What are some foods that are particularly good or bad for him? He’s now on a quality grain-free kibble with fish oil as a supplement.

Home improvement

Q: I will be moving from my house (with a yard) to a smaller-sized apartment in a few months and am worried that my two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier will have trouble adjusting. How can I help her cope?

Tap, don't talk!

Q: I think my 13-year-old Maltese is losing his hearing. He doesn’t know when I’m calling him, or respond unless I’m very loud and/or near him. I’m afraid that his safety may be compromised when I bring him out or when there are any hazards nearby that he cannot hear. Can he be trained to understand other cues?

walking woes

Q: About two weeks after my 15-year-old Pomeranian was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, he had trouble walking. His hind legs are clumsy and he sometimes crosses them over while walking or drags them around. Can acupuncture improve his gait?

chubby and creaky

Q: Does arthritis affect rabbits? My Netherland Dwarf is turning seven next year and she is on the chubby side! Is she at risk of arthritis?

foul bum

Q: Recently, my sterilised cat’s derriere has been very pungent. I thought he might have gotten some poop on himself, but even after bathing him, he smells. The area where his testicles used to be is a tad swollen. Do cats have anal glands like dogs?

Muzzle movement

I am interested in muzzle training my four-year-old dog, as I’ve heard that it can be useful during vet procedures and emergencies. Is it worth teaching him?

Proper pee

My vet recently found that my Sheltie’s urine has an abnormally high pH. She is on a prescription kibble diet, but the ingredients don’t look very good. Should I switch her back to her regular freeze-dried raw diet?

Super strip-off!

I am considering getting a Westie puppy as a pet, and am thinking of hand stripping his coat. I understand that if done correctly, stripping should not hurt the dog at all. What’s your advice on this?

Is it the end?

I have a six-year-old senior pooch, and for the past two months, her appetite has dipped, and she has become very lethargic. This week, she started refusing her meals, and seems too weak to walk. She has also had pee accidents, so we put her on diaper. Is my dog dying?

backbone bane

Recently, my four-year-old Dachshund has been feeling pain when I carry him. The vet prescribed pain killers and rest for two weeks, but his condition has worsened. Now, he can’t even get up on his own and has been dragging his hind legs on the floor. Can traditional Chinese medicine help him?

bloody feathers

I adopted a one-year-old love bird six months ago. Recently, I noticed blood stains in his cage. His feathers are falling out, so we know he is moulting, but there are wounds on his body. What is happening?