Puss' pimples

I noticed some bumps on my cat’s chin and near her lower lips. They resemble pimples, and she seems irritated by it (she paws at it). Can cats get acne?

Is it a toothache?

Over the past few days, my eight-year-old Westie seems to be hurting near her mouth. When I tried to feed her supplements and clean her teeth, she let out a loud yelp. She also screamed when I towel-dried her muzzle after bathing. I’ve noticed she has difficulty chewing hard treats and kibble. What could be wrong?

Failed fur-cut

My groomer made a mistake and accidentally trimmed my Bichon Frise’s fur too short. I was not the only one who didn’t like it—my furkid seems unhappy and is behaving strangely after the session. What could have happened?

All plugged up

My 13-year-old cat has had on-and-off episodes of constipation for two years. He had to undergo manual removal of his faeces on a few occasions as he’s sometimes unable to poop for up to five days. This requires general anaesthesia and the risks worry me. What could be causing his constipation?

gummy pains

My 13-year-old dog has lost most of his teeth, and I’ve noticed that he’s starting to have difficulty eating. Are there any soft yet nutritious foods you can suggest for him?

Blankie addict

I recently took in an eight-year-old cat and had him sterilised. He likes to knead on the blanket he uses for long periods, and when I call him over for meals or try to take the blanket away, he mews angrily and digs his claws into it. What is wrong?

More poop please!

My cat is healthy and eats well, but she only poops about twice a week instead of every day (like recommended online), and I often have to massage her belly to stimulate bowel movement. She doesn’t cry or appear in pain while pooping, and my vet says she’s healthy. Should I be worried?

Delicious digits

My six-year-old Miniature Schnauzer cross has recently started licking his paws a lot, especially when he’s home alone—sometimes to the point where they are sopping wet and smelly after. What could be the cause of this?

Stinky beyond belief

I recently adopted a two-year-old Singapore Special, and realised that his poop is so pungent—worse than any of my other dogs’ waste! I think it was because he used to be a stray dog, so he probably ate a lot of junk food. How do you recommend I “reset” his stomach and get it healthy and clean again?

Itchy hammie

Q: My two-year-old hamster has been scratching excessively of late, to the point where he has bald patches and he bleeds. He is also losing weight. What could be wrong?

Meow medication

My cat was recently diagnosed with cat herpes, and my vet says it is untreatable. She is on L-lysine supplements, but her symptoms are only marginally better. She still sneezes, gets eye irritations, and sometimes even drools. Is there anything else I can do to help her?

Hard to swallow

I realised that my dog has been rolling his tongue and coughing when he eats. He has also been eating slower. I think he’s trying to clear his throat, or something may be stuck. Recently, he was diagnosed with acid reflux. Could this have anything to do with it?

Panda puppy

I recently bought a six-month-old, Maltese. I knew to expect tear stains, but I did not think it would be as dark and stubborn as they are now. I’ve tried commercial tear stain removers, but none work. What can I do?

Feeding logistics

I am adopting a cat in a month’s time, and was thinking of feeding him ad lib. Is it healthy? What is recommended for a working paw-rent who is out most of the day?

Chubby cutie

My two-year-old spayed Jack Russell Terrier gobbles her food, so I feed her kibble with a slow feeder. She’s very energetic, is walked regularly, and eats just one cup of kibble a day (split into two feedings—day and night). However, her weight seems to be steadily increasing. She went from 4.8kg to 7.3kg in a year, and her waist is starting to disappear! What can I do to manage her weight?