Hard to swallow

I realised that my dog has been rolling his tongue and coughing when he eats. He has also been eating slower. I think he’s trying to clear his throat, or something may be stuck. Recently, he was diagnosed with acid reflux. Could this have anything to do with it?

Panda puppy

I recently bought a six-month-old, Maltese. I knew to expect tear stains, but I did not think it would be as dark and stubborn as they are now. I’ve tried commercial tear stain removers, but none work. What can I do?

Feeding logistics

I am adopting a cat in a month’s time, and was thinking of feeding him ad lib. Is it healthy? What is recommended for a working paw-rent who is out most of the day?

Chubby cutie

My two-year-old spayed Jack Russell Terrier gobbles her food, so I feed her kibble with a slow feeder. She’s very energetic, is walked regularly, and eats just one cup of kibble a day (split into two feedings—day and night). However, her weight seems to be steadily increasing. She went from 4.8kg to 7.3kg in a year, and her waist is starting to disappear! What can I do to manage her weight?

Touch me not

My eight-year-old cat is hostile to me, her primary caregiver. She follows me around the house when I prepare her litter and food, but bites, hisses and claws when I try to touch her. Strangely, she is affectionate towards to the rest of my family—allowing petting and hugging. What is wrong?

Car terror

My Miniature Schnauzer seems to have a fear of car rides. When I put her in her carrier to go to the vet or groomer, she displays signs of distress like whining, trembling and drooling. How can I help her overcome her fear?

Teeth trouble

I just rescued a four-year-old male rabbit and the former fosterer told me that he has cheek teeth malocclusion. I do not see an obvious overgrowth as it is in his mouth. He eats very slowly, but still has a reasonable appetite. Is there anything special I need to do while taking care of him?

Can hammies catch colds?

Q: My pet hamster seems to have gotten the flu! His breathing is a lot heavier than normal, there’s a bit of discharge at his nose, and he’s less active. I just recovered from a cold, so could I have passed it on to him?

Crazy curls

Q: During the school holidays, my Poodle went out a lot, and each time she returned, her fur was matted! My husband and I spent hours detangling her fur. What are some grooming tips to keep my furkid knot-free?

Tender tummy

Q: My dog often gets mild diarrhoea or indigestion from ingesting just about anything, including wet canned food and fruit. What foods or supplements can help tackle his belly woes?

Homecoming queen

Q: The stray cat below my block is sweet and gentle, and allows me to handle her and bring her to the vet when she’s unwell. I am thinking of adopting her but have concerns about how she might react in a home environment after roaming outdoors for so long. How do I ease her into becoming a house cat?

Staying pretty after potty

Q: Cleaning up after my 12-year-old Shih Tzu is very difficult as her old age causes her to make a mess each time she pees and poops. Is there any way I can groom her fur so it does not get dirty as easily?

Too much energy for recovery

Q: My eight-month-old Jack Russell Terrier was spayed a week ago, but she is already back to her hyperactive self. I thought she would be calmer and less excitable. Should I stop her from playing in case her healing is hindered?

Hearty meals and medications

Q: My 15-year-old Schnoodle has a severe heart murmur. So far, the only way I’ve been able to feed him his medicine is by rolling it into egg yolk. Is this safe for my dog?

Weepy chin

Q: My eight-year-old Chinchilla has been getting wet patches around his eyes quite frequently. Initially, I thought he had an infection, but the patches would quickly disappear after a day. What should I do?