Enrich Your Cat’s Life

Most house cats actually lack a fair bit of activity and enrichment in their lives.

Fido's Golden Years

We’ve put together some fun, age-appropriate activities that you can do with your senior furkid.

Taming A Hissy Feline

Contrary to popular belief, even the most mischievous cat can be rehabilitated.

Bunny Bootcamp

Rabbits are clever critters, so instead of just letting Thumper sit pretty in his pen, teach him these impressive tricks!

5 Stretches For Your Senior Pooch

It’s important to stretch those muscles, especially for aging furkids that might not be as active as before.

A Splashing Good Time

Here are some tips for first-time paw-rents hoping to introduce their furkids to swimming.

A Fuller Life

Just like us, clever Fido gets bored too. A good mix of mental and physical stimulation is the key to a happy and well-balanced pooch.

Superstitions About White Cats

You’ve probably heard of crazy superstitions about black cats, but what about white ones? Just like black felines, white cats have certain legends, symbolisms and superstitions too.

5 unique pet Instagram accounts to follow

A simple search will give you thousands of results for dog and cat Instagram accounts, but hidden among these are a bunch of unique critters that you should take a look at...

Picture Purr-fect: You Got Me At Hello!

Pictures of the love-of-my-life from our readers. Send in your purr-fect pictures and there’s a chance, you’ll see them in our next issue! 

What A Difference A Day Makes

This is the true story of Abby, the Wonder Dog. It’s a bizarre story of how a tragic turn of events, and unimaginable violence, led to Abby’s adoption.

A Voice For The Voiceless

The Perfect Voiceovers aims to raise awareness of the bias faced by dogs from shelters – especially those with special requirements.