Bowl Of Fun

It's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game.

Animals For The Soul

What are emotional support animals and what are they commonly used to treat?

Tumbling With Tenacity

Tumbles is only six-weeks-old but he’s already proven to be one of the cutest legends to walk (or wheel around) this Earth.

Puss In Books

Cats are not uncommon in many independent bookstores and here are the top five bookworm kitties from around the world.

World Pet Memorial Day: Honouring Your Pet Online

Do you have a dog or pet that has passed away? If so, take a few moments today to honour their memory by creating a World Pet Memorial Day post and sharing it with your friends.

It's In The Way He Moves

A crippled kitty gained mobility with the help of medical science and modern technology.

Kitty Crafts

Now you can utilise feline fur to create adorable toys and other items.

Paw-traits Of Compassion

Right now, 5500 portraits of forgotten souls sit alone in a cold, dark storage locker, wondering if their lives ever mattered.

Lil Bub: The Earth Years

Considered by most as the most amazing cat on the planet, the perma-kitten with saucer-sized eyes and a tongue perpetually flopping from her mouth now has a book celebrating her life on earth.

Carbon Paw Print

Owning a pet and being eco-conscious at the same is possible.

Small Space, Big Comforts

With space-efficient products and some minor tweaks, your cat will be kept happy and satisfied.

How Old Is Your Furkid, Really?

Most pet owners calculate their dog or cat's actual age by multiplying their age in human years by seven. But is this accurate?

Photo Gallery: Frees Frame

From these vintage black and white photos, Frees proved himself a pioneer in pet photos and memes to LOL about.