Two Is Better Than One

Getting a second dog is a huge and difficult decision to make. While you'll be getting double the fun and double the love, you'll also be faced with double the trouble too.

Bringing Home A Second Cat

Bringing a second cat home can be tricky, here's a way to avoid any cat fights.

Buckle Up!

Many of us love taking our dogs out, but unrestrained pets can be dangerous for both driver and pet.

Eli Atias: Yours Faithfully

Fixing the communication gap between dog owners and their faithful companions form the basis of what is probably the first dog training book in Singapore.

Are Vegetarian Diets Good For Pets?

What are the health implications of a vegetarian diet for pets – just how nutritionally balanced and safe is it? ​​​​​​​ By Melissa Especkerman

TCM For Pets

Can a centuries-old medical treatment provide better, long-term care for our pets? By Peter Yeo

Getting Kissed By A Dog!

Hmmm... are there any problems when our fur-kids give us those big slobbering kisses?

Pet Care: After Neutering & Spaying

So you’ve just returned home after your cat or dog's sterilisation surgery. Here are some post-operation tips to help make the road to recovery an easier one.

It’s A Snap!

This adorable and hilarious collection of dog photographs captures our furry best friends at that one glorious moment – catching that one little treat.

A Dream Home (For Your Bengal Cat)

Do you have a home that matches your Bengal’s vibrant personality and its lively energy? By Alen Thum, Founder, Director, The Cat People