Styled to perfection

If you have a favourite hairstylist, you’ll understand the value of a good groomer. We put some doggy salons to the test.

Unlikely BFFs

Many pet owners have both cats and dogs in the home – if they’re lucky, the two get along. There are other combinations, even a bird getting along with its natural predator, the house cat. However, there are plenty of unlikely animal partnerships in our world that will prove to anyone, that love and friendship can conquer all.

Bandit the Hollywood hound

Bandit is the furry BFF of his indulgent paw-rent Valerie Ding, who spoils him silly with delicious food and countless dog beds. She shares their story.

Riverside dining with your furkid

If food is your priority and Fido is just along for the ride, this place is as good as it gets. Read here for our dining experience at Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill.

Pet sitting: nanny for Fido?

Although pet hotels have long been the "nannies" of choice for Fido or Puss, pet sitting is fast gaining popularity. Read more here.

The cat cafe: haven or hell?

Cat cafes were all the rage until the deaths of seven kitties at Cuddles Cat Cafe made headlines. Cat Welfare Society's chief executive officer Joanne Ng shares her thoughts on the situation, and how cat lovers can do their part.

Super suckers

Love the furkid but loathe the fur? Read about these two vacuum cleaners to see how they fare against Fido’s mess.

The A-Z of Bunny Care

Before you decide to get your own pet rabbit, get familiar with how to maintain one with this guide.

Should you sleep with your pets?

Those who sleep with their pets report feeling safer and calmer with a dog or cat in their bed. If human and animal are both satisfied with such cosy sleeping arrangements, what’s the problem?

Fact or fiction?

Three common myths of small animals busted.

Dental care for small animals

While your pocket pet may be small and low maintenance, without proper dental care, his little teeth can cause big problems.

Haze alert

As much as we hate it, the smog has made its return. Here are some ways to keep Fido safe from the health hazards of the haze.

Breaking wind

Do you have a dog that farts a lot? What causes this foul-smelling peeve and what can be done to prevent your furkid from releasing stink bombs all the time?