Why sharing medication is not advisable

If you think that giving your pet human medication might work, think again. A lot of medication meant for humans are very toxic to animals.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

What it means when your dog or cat vomits or experiences diarrhea.

The PETS Quiz

Quick Question #2: Why do dogs have wet noses?

Comic Educator

PETS meets up with the creator of Sir Fong, the comic adventurer, who leads readers on a scientific journey towards discovering life, love and compassion.

Halloween may be Tricky for Our Pets

We have to be a little more mindful of our pets with Halloween just around the corner. For the family, especially the children, Halloween means costumes, chocolates and gallivanting. But for our furry friends, Halloween isn’t all that special.

The Cultured Canine

Did you know that if our dogs could choose what music they could play, they would choose Bach? Yep, according to Irish behavioural researcher Deborah Wells, Ph.D of Belfast, most dogs actually prefer Bach instead of Tchaichovsky or Wagner.

Keeping Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

For most of us, the holiday season means shiny Christmas decorations, beautifully wrapped presents and a delectable selection of tasty holiday treats. In the midst of all the seasonal cheer, it is important to look out for your pets, as they are many new dangers they face during the holiday season.

Keeping Our Indoor Cats Happy and Healthy (Part 1)

In Singapore, most of our cats are kept as indoor pets. We fear for their safety outdoors, but being indoors can also pose just as many dangers – eg: the high-rise syndrome. While we can minimise the risks of our cats being lost, infected, or hurt at home, we must always consider what’s best for our cats.

Improving Your Dog’s Quality of Life

Improving your dog’s quality of life is a gift that keeps on giving: the more wonderful we make life for our dogs, the more ways they enhance our own.