National heroes

In these tumultuous times, national security is a priority for Singaporeans. Hence, we turn the spotlight on our nation’s furry protectors this National Day.

Brush it off

Pooches with medium to long fur or woolly undercoats require regular brushing to keep their tresses healthy, shiny and knot-free—the slicker brush is the perfect tool for the job. We test a few on our resident furkids, Piper and Bella.

Defining hues

Does the colour of your furry friend matter?

Handy wash

With this nifty cleaning tool, bathtime's no longer a fuss.

Beyond kawaii

Home to some of the world’s cutest furkids, we explore Japan’s extraordinary love affair with cats and dogs while taking a closer look at their pampered lives.

Into the twilight

As 15-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, Junior, spends his twilight years in a dementia-induced daze, his devoted paw-rents Sharon Tan and Chai Jun Yea are determined to show him he’s dearly loved right till the very end—even if the senior pooch barely remembers them.

Readers With A Cause

Shelters, both locally and overseas are starting reading programmes for their animals.

The PETS Quiz

How did the five men and the five dogs cross the river?

Great app-titude

In this digital age, there are even apps for your furkid. While your iPad won’t replace the great outdoors, the apps provide a fun, fuss-free way to while away a rainy afternoon.

In loving arms

Last May, the video of a Siberian Husky being abused went viral on social media. Eventually taken in by the SPCA and renamed Malaski, this is the story of the pooch’s road to recovery with the help of his big-hearted handler Mohan Veerasamy.

A better world

How will these new AVA regulations affect you?

Fascinating furkids

Fancy owning an exotic pet? You can if you live in these countries.

Complete cover

Pooches aren’t created equal, which is why some may need a targeted boost in one area of their health or other. Refer to this supplement cheat sheet to find out the best ones for your dog’s needs.

Shower-free scent-sation

Looking for a wash-free cleanser to keep Fido smelling fresh between baths? We tested a few brands on our resident pooch, Bella.

Faux-ever furkid

A cuddly replica of your furry pal.