While some paw-rents are excited at the prospect of never having to “lose” a furkid again, the commercialisation of cloning has been ruffling feathers. We find out more from Sooam Biotech—the company that's able to create carbon copies of your pet pooch.

A cuddly snowball: Small Boy the Persian cat

Frolicking in a winter wonderland may be a pipe dream on our tropical island, but for Yanni Tan, every day feels like a white Christmas. She has her very own snowball—Small Boy, her fluffy, fair-haired furkid.

Free Wheely: K9 Carts for handicapped furkids

Not all hope is lost for the handicapped furkids among us: With K9 Carts, they can continue to indulge in the simple pleasure of bounding across grassy fields.

Bark-gain hunting: Our top $2 picks

While we'd never think of shortchanging our furkids, Daiso—Singapore's favourite $2 store—has an amazing pet aisle that's worth raiding. Here are our top two favourite buys.

The meow maestro: A Jackson Galaxy exclusive

The undisputed toast of kitty town, cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy of hit reality TV series My Cat from Hell proves that he’s the real McCoy during a tete-a-tete with the pets team.

A clean slate

An adorable furkid is often accompanied by the unsavoury task of cleaning up pee and other pet stains. To ease the housebreaking process, here's our top stain and odour remover recommendation.

Cafe with cuddles

Fancy a bumbling Frenchie bounding up to you, or a sweet Maltese curling up in your lap? We are the Furballs and its nine doggy residents serve up some fluffy love with your cuppa.

Pick the right vet

Besides good nutrition and sufficient exercise, your furkid also needs adequate medical care to keep healthy. Dr Eugene Lin, senior veterinary surgeon with The Animal Ark Veterinary Group, shares what to look out for when “shopping” for a vet.

Healing vibrations

Skin allergies are commonly treated with steroid medications from the vet, but the relief is temporary and doesn’t resolve the problem in the long run. Read how bioresonance therapy can help with allergy treatment.

Fur-less but fabulous

Unlike most paw-rents of “exotic” pet breeds, Eng Khim did not spend a single cent on his Sphynx cat—he met himin the course of work, and gave the lucky lad a second shot at a better life. Read more here.

Paw partners: Guide dogs

If you’ve ever met a guide dog, you’d notice that they’re not as friendly as regular furkids. These professional furkids are expected to be alert, obedient and focused on their jobs, which is to guide their visually impaired partners to safety. Read more here.

Designer digs for dogs

Turn your crib into a chic, functional space for Fido with super modern DIY dog furniture designs by Architecture for Dogs!

Bunny BFFs

A rabbit living with a chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, cat, bird and two dogs? Sound impossible, but it isn't. Avid animal lover Wong Kah Fai gives us a glimpse into his life with his many furry family members.