Icy Christmas Poles

Just perfect for the season – Christmas popsicles for your BFF.

Fun Food for Fido

If your furkid is bored of eating kibble, why not mix it up a little with some international cuisine for pooches?

Olive Oil For Dogs

High in antioxidants, olive oil can help improve a dog’s overall health and immune system.

Yeast Be Gone

Here are some natural ways you can help your pooch rebalance his system.

Garlic Goodness

Valued by humans for thousands of years, garlic is known to offer a plethora of medicinal benefits.

Not So Corny

The crunchiness and natural sweetness of corn make it super fun and yummy, but there’s a danger in having too much.

Can My Dog Eat Nuts?

It's a "no-no" for chocolates and grapes, but it's a bit trickier with nuts.

Turmeric For Dogs

You'll be glad to know that this natural herb is good for dogs too.

Terrific Turmeric

If you aren't already in the habit of adding Tumeric into his food, it's about time to get started!

Poochie Meat Cakes 

Users heaped praises in the comments box about how their dogs lapped up the meat cakes. 

Power Play

There’s no better time than now to boost your pet’s health. Take a look at these five fuss-free free superfood toppers that can be added to their food.  Pictures: pxFuel

Does a cat's diet really have an impact on its eye health? Ask the expert!

Q: “I have noticed off-the-shelf cat food touting ingredients that promote eye health. Does a cat’s diet really have an impact on its eye health? If so, what are the key nutrients that they require for optimal eye health, how do they impact the cat’s vision, and what are good sources of these nutrients?”

How To Pill a Dog (in 10 Easy Steps)

I once had to give my dog antibiotics twice daily for 30 days. Here’s how I survived that ordeal with all my hair intact.

Out of this world

Which dog doesn't love a good paw-ty, especially one with meaty lightsabers? Here's how to throw a fur-bulous space-orama for your furry Jedi and his best pals.

The art of craft

If you’re a paw-rent and a serious beer connoisseur, head to Little Island Brewing Co with your pooch for an indulgent craft beer tasting sesh. Smoked meats and a sea view complete the experience.