Gobble gobble!

Low in fat and high in protein, turkey is a great ingredient in any doggy recipe. Get your furkid in the mood for Christmas with these healthy yet delicious turkey pupcakes.

chew on this

Having difficulty brushing your furkid's teeth? Make dental chews a part of her oral hygiene routine for a healthier mouth and fresher breath. Here are our top two picks.

the green wave

While it may be beneficial for humans to opt for a vegetarian diet, experts share that the same cannot be said for Fido and Puss.

Fido goes trick-or-treating

Be the most paw-pular house in the neighbourhood this Halloween with these tasty yet nutritious doggy candies made from just two wholesome ingredients.

[Advertorial] Greenies Dental Chews makes maintaining your pet’s dental health a breeze!

Your furkid’s dental health is important, which is why one of the first things vets do during your pet’s check-up is look at its teeth and gums. Tartar build-up on your its teeth can lead to dental problems like eroded gums, loss of teeth, chronic pain, and may even affect organs like the heart and kidney. Find out how you can curb this problem with the help of Greenies Dental Chews.

Good or gimmicky?

Your furkid's food no longer comes in just different flavours. Now, it's even formulated for the varying phases of your pet’s life. But this begs the question: Are life stage-appropriate foods truly necessary?

delicious but deadly

Your Chinchilla may go crazy over dried raisins, but so will its tummy. Unlike their hardy rat relatives, these little furballs can’t "eat everything". In fact, some of the most commonly fed "treats" are actually toxic, and may prove potentially fatal to them.

sweet summer

After frolicking in the hot sun, end Fido’s day on a sweet note with this super fun-to-eat banana and yoghurt parfait—he’ll love the different textures and flavours!

Grain of truth

Going grain-free is all the rage these days, both in the human and pet worlds. But is it really better for Fido or Puss?

Flavours of the earth

While most hounds shouldn’t go on a full-on vegan diet, the occasional veggie-filled stew is good for them and the environment. This delicious vegan stew can be served as a main or side to Fido’s meal.

An egg-cellent idea

Chicken eggs are said to be a good source of calcium and protein, but will it really translate into health benefits for Fido? Find out if you should get cracking.

Green Haven

Need some respite from city life? We check out the newly renovated Canopy Garden Dining and see how pet-friendly and accessible it is.

Ace of space: The Tea Party Cafe

Paw-rents of bigger furkids will appreciate the abundance of space at The Tea Party Cafe at Biopolis. The joint’s simple but well-executed menu is a bonus!

Miracle munchies: Natural pet remedies

More paw-rents are using naturopathy to treat their furkids' ailments. Experts weigh in on some of the most popular natural pet remedies.