An egg-cellent idea

Chicken eggs are said to be a good source of calcium and protein, but will it really translate into health benefits for Fido? Find out if you should get cracking.

Green Haven

Need some respite from city life? We check out the newly renovated Canopy Garden Dining and see how pet-friendly and accessible it is.

Ace of space: The Tea Party Cafe

Paw-rents of bigger furkids will appreciate the abundance of space at The Tea Party Cafe at Biopolis. The joint’s simple but well-executed menu is a bonus!

Miracle munchies: Natural pet remedies

More paw-rents are using naturopathy to treat their furkids' ailments. Experts weigh in on some of the most popular natural pet remedies.

The big drink off: Pet fountain road test

Fresh running water not only tastes better, it’ll also encourage your pooch to hydrate. Our furry tester slurped from several pet fountains until she finally found her top two favourite "taps".

Bunny bowl: The dangers of a pellet-only diet

While there are a slew of feeding options for Fido and Puss, most buns seem to subsist mainly on pellets. Get the lowdown on these tiny earthy-toned nuggets, and the dangers of a pellet-only diet.

The Green Door: The hipster hound cafe

If mason jar light fixtures and distressed drawers of sprouting herbs are your thing, The Green Door is the perfect spot for you and your furry friend. And yes, they serve ultra-hip pulled pork sliders and craft beers.

Dog chews: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Chew toys are essential for Fido’s mental and physical wellbeing, but it’s important to pick the right ones. We crunch down on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Oven-baked goodness: Rosemary duck breast

Duck breast is not only low in saturated fat, but also packed with amino acids, essential minerals and B vitamins. Indulge Fido with this tasty rosemary-marinated, dog-friendly version.

Run Free

Wide open spaces are the stuff of Fido's dreams, so we turned our furry tester loose in West Coast Park for a test.

Handmade with Love

Using simple ingredients and affordable materials, try your hand at making these hip, Instagram-worthy doggy treats.

Stinky kisses and itchy pooches

Does your dog have irritated skin and/or bad breath? Here are some tips to tweak your menu in his favour.

Pet potions: Sorcery or science?

A brew that alters your pooch’s behaviour and pellets to make your hammy smell better sound straight out of Hogwarts. Veterinarians provide some insight into these seemingly miraculous remedies.

Superfoods for your pup

Boost your pet’s health by adding these fuss-free superfood toppers to her diet.

Fresh perspectives

Childhood buddies Ryan Ingkiriwang and Kho Guan Guo, share how their fresh pet food, PetCubes, stands out from the competition.