TCM For Pets

Can a centuries-old medical treatment provide better, long-term care for our pets? By Peter Yeo


For safety’s sake, teach your dog how to “Sit!” on command. 

Getting Kissed By A Dog!

Hmmm... are there any problems when our fur-kids give us those big slobbering kisses?

Pet Care: After Neutering & Spaying

So you’ve just returned home after your cat or dog's sterilisation surgery. Here are some post-operation tips to help make the road to recovery an easier one.

Not So Corny

The crunchiness and natural sweetness of corn make it super fun and yummy, but there’s a danger in having too much.

Do Dogs Prefer Praises Or Treats?

Many pet parents tend to give treats to their dogs and praise them to reinforce positive behaviour. However, have you ever wondered which method works better?

It’s A Snap!

This adorable and hilarious collection of dog photographs captures our furry best friends at that one glorious moment – catching that one little treat.

A Dream Home (For Your Bengal Cat)

Do you have a home that matches your Bengal’s vibrant personality and its lively energy? By Alen Thum, Founder, Director, The Cat People

Special Seniors

Tips to ensure ageing pets continue to get the best quality of life through their golden years.

All Lives Matters

Meet the man at the helm of the SPCA, Dr Jaipal Singh Gill.

CPR For Dogs!

Being equipped with the skills to resuscitate a person is one thing. Having the ability to do the same for our faithful pets, is a whole new ballgame altogether. By Joey Peh