Why Do Dogs Shed Their Hair?

Unlike humans, dogs do not grow new hair continuously. Instead, their hair grows in cycles that are influenced by the change of seasons, stress, health issues and lifestyle.

Post-Bath Run-A-Rounds

Ever wondered why your dog loves to dash around the house after his bath?

Bedtime Rituals

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves scratching at his bed before tucking in for a good night’s sleep?

How Do You Know Your Cat Loves You?

Known for being typically independent and unaffectionate, it can be quite hard to tell if your cat loves you. After all, they don’t wag their tails or lick your face like a dog does.

The Top 10 Hazards For Cats

The fact that while cats have earned the reputation of having nine lives, in reality, your kitty is constantly under threat from a diverse range of hazards.

Whiskers Away

Cutting a cat's or a dog's whiskers is a no-no. It's uncomfortable for them, and could cost them their ability to navigate as well.

Getting Docked

Is there truly is a legitimate reason behind the surgical removal of a dog's ears or tail?

Arowana: Health Checklist

Considering your first Arowana? Look for these tell-tale signs that it’s a healthy Dragon Fish.

The Belgian Laekenois

 The Laekenois is smart, alert, brave and devoted. It is in his very nature to protect both his family and property. Photos: American Kennel Club