Acrobatic Rabbits

These French bunnies were first discovered in 1935.

Magawa To The Rescue!   

The African Giant Pouched Rat may be small (in comparison to dogs), but he too can save countless lives.  

Keeping Gerbils As Pets

It's Gerbil care 101! What you should know before you bring them home.

Pika Cute

While it cannot discharge electricity like the well-known Pokemon Pikachu, the Pika is cute – if not cuter.

My Guinea Pig Don’t Look So Good…

Guinea pigs are good at hiding illness and pain. If they are behaving abnormally this may be a sign that something is wrong. 

Getting Your Rabbit Neutered

There are plenty of medical reasons why many rabbit owners choose this path for their little furry ones.

Grooming Your Rabbit

The basics of how to groom your rabbit, including brushing his fur, trimming the nails, and taking care of his ears and teeth.

5 Things You Never Knew About Your Hamster

Hamsters are like, a gateway drug to the joys of pet ownership: they open the door to bigger small furries like rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs.

The Power Of Your Bunny's Antennas

Flushed pink and screaming, “Hello, nice to meet you!”, a rabbit’s ears are not only for hearing but act as an air-conditioner and an antenna as well!