Miniature Schnauzer: Mighty Mini

The Mini is not a couch potato for sure. This spirited dog was originally developed to exterminate rats on farms!

Do Dogs Dream?

There are science-based clues that tell us the answer is probably "Yes".

Sloppy Noses

Ever wondered why your pooch's nose always feels slimy?

Why Do Dogs Shed Their Hair?

Unlike humans, dogs do not grow new hair continuously. Instead, their hair grows in cycles that are influenced by the change of seasons, stress, health issues and lifestyle.

Post-Bath Run-A-Rounds

Ever wondered why your dog loves to dash around the house after his bath?

Bedtime Rituals

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves scratching at his bed before tucking in for a good night’s sleep?

Getting Docked

Is there truly is a legitimate reason behind the surgical removal of a dog's ears or tail?

The Belgian Laekenois

 The Laekenois is smart, alert, brave and devoted. It is in his very nature to protect both his family and property. Photos: American Kennel Club

Dogs Going Vegetarian

Have you ever thought about whether going green would be just as good for Fido?

Sigh Language

Have you ever wondered why your precious pooches sigh and groan every now and then?