Decoding Your Pet

Ever wondered what Fido or Puss would say if they spoke our language?

Brains & Looks – The Poodle

The Poodle is a world-famous breed of dog that encases both intelligence as well as looks.

French Fanatic

The French Bulldog is often seen trotting next to celebrities or garnering fans on social media pages with their silly antics.

Ur-ine Trouble!

Why does Fido lick his own pee immediately after peeing? While this may seem gross to many of us, it isn’t all that disgusting for them. Find out why.

Is There A Difference Between Dog Fur And Dog Hair?

The terms “dog fur” and “dog hair” is often used interchangeably, but while these two are very much alike, they are not exactly the same. Read on to find out their differences.

Caring For A Senior Dog

If you have an elderly dog you will have to monitor him more closely as his health and strength will begin to weaken.

Caring For A Puppy

Puppies need special care and extra attention just like human babies do.

Dog Behaviour 101

Shaped by millennia of contact with humans, dogs, more than any other species, have a wide range of social-cognitive abilities.

Beagles: Hounds of Love

If you have always thought about getting a fluff ball of devotion, you may want to consider a Beagle. Because when you own a Beagle, you own a whole hunk of good ole’ doggy affection!