Caring For A Puppy

Puppies need special care and extra attention just like human babies do.

Dog Behaviour 101

Shaped by millennia of contact with humans, dogs, more than any other species, have a wide range of social-cognitive abilities.

Beagles: Hounds of Love

If you have always thought about getting a fluff ball of devotion, you may want to consider a Beagle. Because when you own a Beagle, you own a whole hunk of good ole’ doggy affection!

Siamese Fighting Fish: Colourful Enchantress

Iridescent scales and long fins that twirl around them like underwater ball gowns, the Betta Splendens continues to seduce, hypnotize and captivate till today.

Lionhead Rabbit: Hey, Good Lookin’

Considered a fairly new breed in the market, the Lionhead Rabbits are fast becoming favoured household pets, thanks to their adorable appearance.  

StarGazing Hammies

Signs of discomfort that all paw-rents should look out for.

Top 10 Big Breeds In Singapore

Pets Magazine's first-ever Big Breeds and Breakfast event on 27 July 2019 shared a list of the top 10 big dog breeds in Singapore. Is yours on this list?