Cool cover

Light, compact and easy to set up, the ShadyPaws Portable Pet Canopy Sunshade is super portable and offers instant sun relief for Fido—no assembly required!

Keeping An Eye On Your Furkid

Are your days at work spent wondering if Puss and Fido are behaving themselves or feeling lonely at home?

Read Your Pet's Mind

If you could read your furkid’s mind instead of guessing its thoughts and feelings, would you? It was never really a possibility for paw-rents until now–with the new Anicall device, you can get in touch with your pet's emotions!

Paw Prints in the Sand

If you're tired of leaving boring, old human footprints in the sand when you head to the beach, the Japanese have got you covered. Check out these fun Ashiato sandals: They turn your footprints into huge, chubby paw prints!

Snuggle Up Close

If it was feasible, many paw-rents would choose to have their furkids sleep on their beds together with them. However, sleeping together sometimes comes at a cost–many experience frustration and lack of sleep from the whining and constant fidgeting of our furry pals. With this new Brazilian invention, that may very well become a thing of the past.

Play With Fido & Puss From Anywhere In The World

Leaving our furry friends behind when we head out is always difficult, and while surveillance cameras do quell our worries, they only allow for one-way interaction. Now, with a product created through support garnered via Kickstarter, paw-rents all over the world can look forward to playing and talking with their furkids virtually and sharing these moments with a specialised phone application.

Cool Functional Wear

Just like the popularised thunder shirt that helps to calm cats and dogs who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, these three pieces work to protect your Fido, while at the same time giving him a stylish edge over his furry peers.

Power play

Puzzle toys are a fabulous way to keep your clever pooch mentally stimulated. Enhance Fido's problem-solving skills with these innovative creations from this year's Global Pet Expo!