Biting back: White God, the movie

Winner of Prize Un Certain Regard at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, White God is a Hungarian movie about a vengeful canine uprising. Read about the impressive dog cast and more here.

Cool Pet Carriers

Forget ugly crates and ho-hum carriers. Turn doggy’s (or kitty’s) day out into a stylish affair with these ultra-cool pet carriers.

Coconut oil for dogs

This health supplement boasts numerous benefits not only for humans but for dogs as well.

Pumpkin for pets

The health benefits of pumpkin not only applies to humans but to dogs and cats too.

Robotic Pets to Relieve Stress

The Japanese love their pets but are faced with the lack of space to accommodate live companion animals. As if on cue, Japanese toy manufacturers have produced a new range of robotic pets ranging from the standard companion animals to potted plants.

iPad for Pets reports that “a series of videos on YouTube (some have attracted over 20,000 views) demonstrate the versatility of the iPad with cats using the interactive screen to chase a virtual butterfly, play with a neon piece of string , tackle space invaders and even perform music on a ‘Magic Piano’ application.” With over 940 cat-related applications to choose from, the iPad is fast becoming the latest Must-Have toy for your kitty.