Smiley Cinnamon

Coined as the ‘happiest dog in the world’, Cinnamon the Shiba Inu has a perpetual grin on her face. Her happy expression, combined with the fluffy physique is too adorable to miss.

Picnic Frenzy

Everyone at the pets office is busy packing all the goodies for the upcoming pets Picnic Party 2015, and placing the final touches for the exciting games to come. Here’s a reminder to sign up if you haven’t already done so--the registration deadline is tonight, 11:59pm.

Justice for Caitlyn

When Caitlyn the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found last week, she was in a horrendous condition. Her muzzle had been taped shut, bound impossibly tight with electrical tape. Now on the road to recovery, justice has caught up with her abuser.

Little Hero

At eight years old, Alyssa Carter is already a hero for the animal world. Find out how this extraordinary girl embarked on a campaign to save the endangered Rhinoceros, with the help of some Belgian Shepherds.

Bouyancy Issues

Swim bladder disease is a fairly common issue with most goldfishes - resulting in the cute little fishies having trouble staying underwater, leaning sideways and sometimes even swimming upside down! Here's how one owner tackled the issue.

Default Loyalty

There’s no denying that our pets teach us many things – particularly our pooches. A new short clip has been released from Argentina, directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, to speak about the effects of organ donation by exemplifying a dog’s loyalty.

Travel Light

Travelling by air can get stressful for many passengers, from the long lines in custom checks to waiting for the delay to be over just to board the flight home. In Charlotte Douglas International Airport, eight certified therapy pooches are on duty to welcome and de-stress travellers.

Quick Save

Last week, disaster struck Colombia in the form of a massive landslide that hit the Libordiana River. The landslide drowned buildings, houses and vehicles, killing over 70 people. Just four days later, a related video made waves on the internet—a local policeman risked his life and jumped into the river to save a poor pooch from drowning.

Daisy On Wheels

Daisy the mixed breed pooch was found by an animal control officer at the age of two months. Due to her congenital issues, she was due to be euthanised, but was rescued in time and now a happy, feisty pooch, raising awareness for animal shelters.

Chinchilla rescue

Last month, 331 chinchillas were seized from a couple in Waukesha, Wisconsin, as they were found to be living in "uninhabitable" conditions.

Seyfried & Finn

American actress Amanda Seyfried is well-known as a doting furparent to her Australian Shepherd Finn. Watch them impress The Letterman Show crowd with Finn's ability to balance seemingly anything on his head here.

Doggy deportation

Last week, Hollywood celebrity Johnny Depp's two Yorkshire Terriers were found to be illegally residing in Australia. The authorities then gave Depp 50 hours to remove his furkids from the country. Read about the dramatic incident here.

Angora fur boycott

Earlier this month, PETA released yet another viral video as part of their stand against the cruel Angora fur trade in China. Watch and read about it here.

Miracle Pooch

A Bulgarian stray dog named Joshua has become the first pooch in the world to be able to walk again – after his spinal cord was severed. Read about his inspiring story, and the journey this incredible dog and his vets took.

Pawblo Picasso

We all know the consequences of being too near a pooch when it’s shaking itself dry. In fact, researchers from Gerogia Tech have revealed that through this characteristic shake, Fido can remove up to 70 per cent of water off its coat – making it a very efficient drying method. Canismo has decided to use this shake, to create something truly special and beneficial for shelter animals.