Quirky Kitty

Ever felt confused by the mixed signals Kitty loves to give? Today we address the top five most common and quirky things that furry felines tend to do. Read on to find out what they are and what they mean!

Trick or treat: 25th Halloween Dog Parade

Halloween came early this year for the New Yorkers as they hosted the 25th annual Halloween Dog Parade at Manhattan’s Tomkins Square Park. Read on to find out how the exciting day went!

Meow Therapy

Did you know that the therapeutic effects of our pets’ companionship can work miracles? Founder of canine shelter Voices For Animals and doggy day care Sunny Heights, Derrick Tan, does. Read more about his latest venture—an animal therapy centre called The Cat Safari.

The NorCal CorgiCon

Attention all Corgi lovers and paw-rents! You will be brimming with envy when you hear of what took place over the weekend at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach: The Corgi Con, fall edition! Read on for your dose of Corgi cuteness.

Goodbye to the good boy, Spencer

Last Monday, singer Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, announced the loss of their furkid, Spencer. The video montage that Robbie posted on social media platforms showed Spencer happy, and well-loved by fans worldwide.

Four Legged Surfers

California’s annual “Surf City Surf Dog” competition gave 65 furry friends and 2500 fans a swelling good time with the sun, sea and sweat over the weekend. Read more about the surfing competitions and other activities that were lined up for them.

"Ohana" means family

There’s been a recent spate of heart-wrenching Syrian and Cuban refugee stories, but let’s not forget the heart-warming ones that involved paw-rents who refused to leave their furkids behind. Here are the stories of three refugees who brought their pets along on their arduous journeys by foot and sea.

Best Buds

Congratulations to Gary and Jordie, who had their Guide Dog training graduation ceremony yesterday!

Snaky Business

While our sunny island is abuzz with the pet cafe hype of the recent years, Japan has gotten ahead in the game, opening the first ever snake cafe amidst Tokyo’s busy fashion district, Harajuku.

Smelly Cat Duet

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift’s concerts are famous for, it is the surprise guests that she often invites to join her on tour. In her recent Los Angeles show, she decided to pull a little #throwback—singing with Phoebe Buffay of Friends.

The furry right to vote

Others halfway across the globe are also having their elections, so as part of the “celebration”, the team from American website, BuzzFeed News, decided to conduct an experiment to give their voting system a little test—with a cat.

Once Expired, Euthanised

Japanese shelter Pet Home takes an unorthodox approach in a bid to rehome their rescued furkids.

Warnings from the wild

As it turns out, your furkid's pre-thunderstorm terror may not necessarily be cowardice. With natural disasters on the rise, your pet's abnormal behaviour or odd animal phenomena might be an indication to head for the hills.

Murder she wrote

The horrific killing of a dog in Florida has gone viral on social media, stirring feelings of anger among animal lovers around the world.