Best Buds

Congratulations to Gary and Jordie, who had their Guide Dog training graduation ceremony yesterday!

Snaky Business

While our sunny island is abuzz with the pet cafe hype of the recent years, Japan has gotten ahead in the game, opening the first ever snake cafe amidst Tokyo’s busy fashion district, Harajuku.

Smelly Cat Duet

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift’s concerts are famous for, it is the surprise guests that she often invites to join her on tour. In her recent Los Angeles show, she decided to pull a little #throwback—singing with Phoebe Buffay of Friends.

The furry right to vote

Others halfway across the globe are also having their elections, so as part of the “celebration”, the team from American website, BuzzFeed News, decided to conduct an experiment to give their voting system a little test—with a cat.

Once Expired, Euthanised

Japanese shelter Pet Home takes an unorthodox approach in a bid to rehome their rescued furkids.

Warnings from the wild

As it turns out, your furkid's pre-thunderstorm terror may not necessarily be cowardice. With natural disasters on the rise, your pet's abnormal behaviour or odd animal phenomena might be an indication to head for the hills.

Murder she wrote

The horrific killing of a dog in Florida has gone viral on social media, stirring feelings of anger among animal lovers around the world.

Critter Crossing

Clinic212--a marketing campaign agency in Lithuania--has started a project dedicated to the local wildlife, particularly the little ones. Read more here.

Doggy Weekends

Japanese automaker Subaru has just released a new television advertisement, depicting a heartwarming journey of a man and his senior dog on a road-trip of a lifetime.

Marvel-lous Dogs

If you’re a fan of the Marvel comic universe, or their countless Marvel superhero movies, an art project by Josh Lynch will be sure to tickle your fancy.

Equal Rights For All Paws

A small town in Spain, Trigueros del Valle, has intorduced a bill to recognize animals as “non-human residents”, thus granting the four-legged companions equal rights as citizens.

Beagle Outrage

In Yorkshire, England, Secretary for Government & Communities Greg Clark has shocked and outraged many, by approving a plan to open a breeding facility for beagles in England, for purposes of vivisection (live surgery), and drug testing.

Fur Will Fly

When it comes to travelling with your pets, the process can be complicated for both human and owner -- as well as place pets under a considerable amount of stress. In John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, they are set to change the standards of transporting animals by air, with their new terminal solely for four-legged passengers.

Retired Mushers

When the sled dogs of Talkeetna, Alaska, retire, or find themselves without a home, they can turn to a very special duo running a shelter for these hard working pooches. Named the Sled Dog Santuary, this husband-and-wife partnership is changing and saving the lives of many a Husky.