Retired Mushers

When the sled dogs of Talkeetna, Alaska, retire, or find themselves without a home, they can turn to a very special duo running a shelter for these hard working pooches. Named the Sled Dog Santuary, this husband-and-wife partnership is changing and saving the lives of many a Husky.

Itchy Adam

When Adam the black Labrador Retriever was rescued, he was believed to be suffering from a severe case of flea dermatitis. However, the sweet pooch was actually allergic to something - or someone else altogether, to the surprise of his rescuers.

Half The Body, Twice The Heart

English Bulldog puppy Bonsai is just as cute as any other puppy you would ever see – except he was born with half a spine, a pelvis that did not function and hind legs that were too small to use for walking. See more of his unyielding spirit and how you can help this rambunctious pup.

Changing Traditions

In Thailand, a recent legislation was passed to ban animal cruelty nationwide. While the language of this new law is being criticised by both supporters and opposers for not being clear as to what constitutes as cruelty, it still seems to be making a positive change in the Land of Smiles.

Gentle Bob

Golden Retrievers are well-known as one of the gentle giants of the canine world - good with other pets, and even children. However, Bob the Goldie has taken this gentle demeanour to a while new level, with his eccentric family.

Panda & Claire Reunited

When guide dog Panda left her trainer Claire Donovan at two-years old, the trainer requested that she be kept in the loop should the black Labrador be retiring or ready for adoption. She never expected to hear back from the organisation, but 11 years later, the two would be reunited.

Corgi Mania

Over the past weekend, Northern California’s Ocean Beach hosted the summer edition of CorgiCon, where almost 500 of the stubbiest and most adorable Corgis and 1000 people from all over America turned up for the event. Read more here.

Celebrating The Dogs

The Nepalese celebrate their relationship with dogs in a very special way, through a yearly festival called Tihar. This festival pays homage to their animal friends, particularly those who share special relationships with humans. The second day of this celebration places focus on their canine friends.

Pug-tastic Day

Once a year, the famous Dodger Stadium is open to our four-legged friends, and fans are allowed to bring their dogs to the stadium to cheer on the home team while enjoying a great day out, and proceeds go to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. The Los Angeles Times tasked Gizmo the pug to be their news correspondence for the day, to some very cute results.

Flying Felines

Here’s a helpful tip we’ve yet to hear for pilots: Always check your plane for hidden cats! A recent case of a feline stowaway sees a cat emerge from the wing of an open-cockpit plane in Kourou, French Guiana, just after the plane takes off.

Downward Cat

There are many ways to create awareness and find homes for animals in need – a yoga studio opening its doors to some felines in need is one of them. A studio has done exactly this, by collaborating with an animal shelter to hold a series of classes which allows participants and cats to mingle whilst practicing yoga.

Magpie Rescue

The Blooms, an Australian family, comprises of a husband and wife team, Cameron and Sam, and three children, Reuben, Noah and Oli… as well as a magpie named Penguin, whom they rescued when she fell out of her nest as a chick.

Feline Livin’

When you have 14 cats in your home, something's got to give. Peter Cohen decided to take things into his own hands (with a team of his own) and make his home in California a kitty dream home.

Koala Hugs

When a Koala mother was hit by a vehicle along the Warrego Highway in Coominya, Australia, she was carrying her joey with her. Now named Lizzy, the mother had to be rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to be treated for head trauma and a collapsed lung, with her baby in tow.

Vampire Cat

Lazarus the rescue cat may look a little strange at first, but not only is he a superstar on social media websites like Vine and Facebook, he also works as a therapy animal, while spreading the word about helping other animals in need – particularly those with special needs or deformities.