Mewgaroo Hoodie

As loving fur-parents, we’re all familiar with this situation—our pets curl up on our laps, fall asleep, and we end up just laying there because it breaks our hearts to even think of waking them up. Japanese company Unihabitat has come up with the cutest solution, the aptly named Mewgaroo Hoodie.

Chinchilla rescue

Last month, 331 chinchillas were seized from a couple in Waukesha, Wisconsin, as they were found to be living in "uninhabitable" conditions.

Seyfried & Finn

American actress Amanda Seyfried is well-known as a doting furparent to her Australian Shepherd Finn. Watch them impress The Letterman Show crowd with Finn's ability to balance seemingly anything on his head here.

Doggy deportation

Last week, Hollywood celebrity Johnny Depp's two Yorkshire Terriers were found to be illegally residing in Australia. The authorities then gave Depp 50 hours to remove his furkids from the country. Read about the dramatic incident here.

Angora fur boycott

Earlier this month, PETA released yet another viral video as part of their stand against the cruel Angora fur trade in China. Watch and read about it here.

Miracle Pooch

A Bulgarian stray dog named Joshua has become the first pooch in the world to be able to walk again – after his spinal cord was severed. Read about his inspiring story, and the journey this incredible dog and his vets took.

Pawblo Picasso

We all know the consequences of being too near a pooch when it’s shaking itself dry. In fact, researchers from Gerogia Tech have revealed that through this characteristic shake, Fido can remove up to 70 per cent of water off its coat – making it a very efficient drying method. Canismo has decided to use this shake, to create something truly special and beneficial for shelter animals.

Canadian Hero

A black King German Shepherd named Sako has recently been inducted into the Purina Hall of Fame for his heroism, staying by his injured owner for 40 hours after a terrible car accident.

Paws for Nepal

Nepal is still struggling to get back on her feet after the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that happened on the 25th of April. The disaster claimed uncountable lives, and while there is no doubt that the people of Nepal need help, here’s a reminder that the animals do too.

Nature's Nurturers

Nothing is stronger than a mother's love. Read about these tear-jerking stories of animal mums who go above and beyond to save their babies.

Four-Legged Helpers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d most certainly have heard about the recent fiasco involving guide dog team Cassandra and Esme. While the incident has inevitably split people into two camps, the fact remains that many are still ignorant about guide dogs and the laws surrounding their presence in public spaces. Here’s what you need to know about these furry helpers:

RIP Ranee

Our prayers and condolences are with the family and friends of Ranee. On 7 April, the senior Jack Russell Terrier was on his daily walk with the family’s domestic helper when he was viciously attacked by two unleashed mongrels in the neighbourhood.

Tit for Tat

The issue of pets being left in cars is a problem for many law enforcers around the world, especially when owners don't recognise the potential risks to their pets' health when left behind in a rapidly heating vehicle. A pet owner in Ohio has been punished in an unusual way, for leaving her pet dog in the car.

Ruff Traffic

Traffic jam because of a mischievous Border Collie driver? Yes, that's right. Read the hilarious (albeit dangerous) story here.

Save the Mastiffs

In recent months, the numbers of abandonment and re-selling of Tibetan Mastiffs have increased drastically in China. Read about their tragic fall from grace here.