ACRES needs your help to "save the World's Saddest Dolphins"

On 27 May 2011, ACRES delivered on that promise with the launch of the "Save the World's Saddest Dolphins" campaign, which aims to create awareness about the plight of the dolphins through music videos, hence urging people to take action through their own video petitions. The campaign goes beyond highlighting the plight of the dolphins in captivity, being trained and prepped for their eventual life at RWS.

Online scams get into pet business

Online scams are getting into the pet business, according to a woman who said on Friday when she was almost scammed. While searching online to buy a kitten, she chanced upon an advertisement selling cats.

Moves to promote animal welfare in Singapore

In a bid to encourage responsible pet ownership, a task force has been established to review pet ownership policies. A Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme has been put in place to control the population of stray cats, as an alternative to culling.

Puppy pegged on clothesline sends netizens into a fit

A look at this picture is enough to send netizens and animal activists into a fit of anger. A Filipino teen uploaded a picture of a puppy pegged to a clothes line, intending it as a joke but those who saw it were outraged at this act of cruelty.

Groomer pierces and sells kittens

Pet groomer pierces kittens to achieve a gothic look and sells them off online, causing outrage among netizens and animal activists.

Dramatic standoff raises debate over animals

While dog meat is still considered a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, more young Chinese are shunning such exotic cuisine and are embracing these canines as companions instead.

Following one-child policy comes one-dog policy

After many years of resigning themselves to a single child policy, Chinese residents in Shanghai now have to deal with a recently implemented one-dog policy. This moves comes after an increase in pet abandoning incidences, complaints from non-animal enthusiasts, as well as the soiling of public places.

The Loyal Soldier

As the old adage goes, "dogs are man's best friend" but these military dogs are more than that. In fact, they are more than your average canine companion.

One-dog Policy in Shanghai

Are we seeing a change in food trends? Dog meat has been a source of food in some areas of China from around 500 BC, and possibly even earlier.

Japan's 'Cat Island' Survived Quake

While islanders of Tashirojima, otherwise known as Japan's "Cat Island" have yet to resort to drastic measures for survival, it may very well be the end of our feline friends the iconic island should help tarry.

Foreign worker smashes dog's face

Just recently, a foreign worker from China reportedly smashed a dog's face with a metal chain until it was a bloody mess.

The nex best thing?

If you've been wanting to visit the new mall that's been touted as a pet-friendly mall, wait no longer - the K9 Park atop nex mall just officially opened on 28th December 2010. PETS Magazine was invited to view the new premises.