The Huntress and the Hunted

On the 13th of April, comedian and renowned animal lover Ricky Gervais tweeted a photo of a trophy-hunter Rebecca Francis lying next to a dead giraffe, which she had presumably killed. Since then, there's been arguments from both sides of this conflict.

A talking dog? No way!

Dog-loving viewers of reality television series Britain's Got Talent were less than impressed with the performance of ventriloquist Marc Metral and his dog Wendy. Watch their performance and read the story here.

Fur Flies at Zara

Visually impaired counsellor Cassandra Chiu and her guide dog Esme are in the headlines again, this time for an altercation with fashion store Zara, when she was turned away by a security personnel.

Easter SOSD-day

The bunny-themed holiday has always been one about celebrating new beginnings. This year, Save Our Street Dogs is holding a canine adoption drive to do just that—help abandoned dogs find loving homes to begin newer and happier chapters of their lives.

Sign Language for Cats

Read the story of Kim Silva, a former teacher at the American School of the Deaf who taught her three furry felines at home Sign Language.

Biting back: White God, the movie

Winner of Prize Un Certain Regard at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, White God is a Hungarian movie about a vengeful canine uprising. Read about the impressive dog cast and more here.

Fashion giant boycotts angora

As parent company of many fashion labels, Inditex has put a huge dent in the global demand for angora with their boycott. Read more here.

Cat abuse cases back on the rise

Sadly, animal welfare is back in the headlines of Singapore news, with another case of alleged cat abuse, this time in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio, claiming the life of ginger tomcat Boyboy.

Cat-hartic Tunes

Music that calms kitty down and makes her go gaga in delight? Read on to find out more!

Cool Pet Carriers

Forget ugly crates and ho-hum carriers. Turn doggy’s (or kitty’s) day out into a stylish affair with these ultra-cool pet carriers.

Coconut oil for dogs

This health supplement boasts numerous benefits not only for humans but for dogs as well.

Pumpkin for pets

The health benefits of pumpkin not only applies to humans but to dogs and cats too.