One-dog Policy in Shanghai

Are we seeing a change in food trends? Dog meat has been a source of food in some areas of China from around 500 BC, and possibly even earlier.

Japan's 'Cat Island' Survived Quake

While islanders of Tashirojima, otherwise known as Japan's "Cat Island" have yet to resort to drastic measures for survival, it may very well be the end of our feline friends the iconic island should help tarry.

Foreign worker smashes dog's face

Just recently, a foreign worker from China reportedly smashed a dog's face with a metal chain until it was a bloody mess.

The nex best thing?

If you've been wanting to visit the new mall that's been touted as a pet-friendly mall, wait no longer - the K9 Park atop nex mall just officially opened on 28th December 2010. PETS Magazine was invited to view the new premises.

Jail Bird

Lorenzo, a parrot, has been arrested for being an accomplice to drug dealers in Columbia.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

In Singapore, only one person uses a guide dog to get around. Mr Kua Cheng Hock was born blind and his desire to own a guide dog was introduced at a young age when he read about it in the 1970s. When studying to teach the blind in Melbourne, Mr Kua started using his first guide dog. Now in Singapore, he has Kendra – the only guide dog on these shores.

Dog Bashed to Death

A dog was found brutally murdered at a void deck. Witnesses place a man in his mid 30s to 40s as the perpetrator. He was said to have dragged the dog, a Pomeranian, to the coffeeshop nearby and requested for a knife. The hawker refused to give him one and the man dragged the dog away to the void deck. Seconds later, loud yelling and yelping was heard. Onlookers said the man was throwing the dog on the floor repeatedly until the dog died.

Jungbok in Korea

An animal protection activist (L) gives a “free hug” to a passerby at an event to promote animal protection on “Jungbok” day in Seoul July 29, 2010.

Rehabilitating Wild Cats

In order to protect the exotic birds that live on the Ogasawara Islands, a clutch of tropical islands 620 miles south of Tokyo, from being predated by an overwhelming number of feral cats, the Japanese government has ordered the capture and rehabilitation of the cats.

Robotic Pets to Relieve Stress

The Japanese love their pets but are faced with the lack of space to accommodate live companion animals. As if on cue, Japanese toy manufacturers have produced a new range of robotic pets ranging from the standard companion animals to potted plants.

First Class for Pets

Lufthansa Airlines is offering pets and their owners the world’s ultimate in luxury travel with a dedicated first-class animal lounge. Now aren’t you just blown away?

Here Comes Bionic Cat!

First used in 2005 to develop a prosthetic for a woman who lost her arm in the London bombings, the intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthetics (Itaps) technology has now given Oscar the cat a new lease of life.