Picture Purrfect

let's play dress up

Don't let Fido be the only one without a new outfit this Chinese New Year! Give us a glimpse of his inner fashionista with an Instagram-worthy #OOTD, and stand a chance to win a $50 food voucher for a festive feast at Happenstance Cafe.

workout with fido

One of life's greatest pleasures is keeping fit with your furkid. Whether it's a jog around the neighbourhood or doing laps in the pool, we want to see you and your pooch in action. Capture a priceless shot of you working out with your furkid,...

pets' day out

When you head to the park for a picnic with your furkid, it's important to tote along a few essentials. Show us what you can't leave home without when spending the day out with Rover or Puss, and stand to win a Funky Reversible Canvas Shoulder...

brush it!

Some dogs love getting their teeth brushed, but others absolutely detest it. Send us pictures of you trying to clean your pooch’s pearly whites and stand to win a Petio Dental Toy (worth $29.90) sponsored by B2K Pet Products.

tug it!

How do you play with your furry friends? Is Fido a chewer or a tugger? Show us your pictures and 10 lucky doggies will stand to win a Kong toy hamper (worth $30) each.

buzz off!

Want to know you're hugging a furball that's free from fleas and ticks? How about one that smells good and feels soft and fluffy? Send us pictures of you cuddling your pets and stand to win a 100% Natural Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil and Furry Kind...

belly up!

Does your dog or cat like getting its tummy or back rubbed? Send us pictures of Fido and Kitty in the midst of some massaging and stand to win a box of Sentry Fiproguard Max Flea and Tick Squeeze-on worth $58.

naughty or nice?

Send us pictures of your pets in their naughtiest or nicest moments. You might just be rewarded with a gift sponsored by B2K Pet Products. 10 winners will be selected.

is your dog happy?

If you're happy and you know it then show us pictures of your furry friend and yourself in your cheeriest moments. You’ll stand to win Happy Dog Supreme kibble (worth $37), sponsored by Ottovo. 10 winners will be selected.

primping pets

Does your pet hate being groomed? Send us a mug shot of your beloved furballs' expressions before and/or after a grooming session and stand to win an Absolute Plus GOLD Ear Mites Remedy and Cleanser worth $17.90, generously sponsored by B2K Pet...