Picture Purrfect

run and pose

Which pet wouldn't love a good run in the park? We know ours do! This summer we'd love to see pictures of your four-legged friends having a ball of fun in the sun. And don't worry about them getting muddy or dirty, the WaterDish is generously...

furry friends

Do you have a multi-pet household? Does your furkid have a best friend other than you? Simply take a picture of your pets together or your fur friend with his or her best friend and stand to win the BOB pet bowl worth $35 from The Water Dish.

it's chow time

Do Fido and Kitty put on eager faces when they know it is dinner time? We want to see your furkids' anticipatory looks! Simply submit a picture of your pet's hungry expression and stand to win a pet food hamper worth $35 from Eagle Pro.

feeding frenzy

Nothing pleases us more than watching our pets chow down heartily on a healthy meal. Simply submit a picture of your furry friend tucking in and stand a chance to win a pet food hamper worth $30 from Nutripe, courtesy of Link2Link.

express yourself!

It is time to work those muscles! Because we want to see your furkid's best facial expressions and poses! Send in your entries now and stand a chance to win pet care products from Tropiclean, courtesy of Silversky.

tuck me in

A sleeping pet is one of the cutest sights in our opinion. We'd like to see your pets snoozing too! Send in a picture of your furry friends taking a nap and stand to win Rogz Pupz Bedz, courtesy of Alpha Paw Distribution and Rogz.

is that my toy?

All pets love to play. Send in a picture of them entertaining themselves with their favourite toy and you stand a chance to win a two-hour indoor shoot, courtesy of Smigglelicious Inc. There are eight slots to be won!