Daily Bites


‘VetPal’ Housecall Vet Services to Launch in September 2019

Thinking of saving your precious pet from the stress of vet visits? Have a vetpal come to your home instead, from September 2019.

5 Famously Loyal Dogs

Will your pet try to eat you if you die, or will it wait around and grief for you like these five famous dogs?

Top 10 Big Breeds in Singapore

These are like Singapore's top 10 most loved big breeds - but while every breed is different, all dogs are the same: designed to be loyal, intelligent and loving.

A.I. Pet Detectives Are Here

Soon you’ll not need to worry about not being able to find your lost dog or cat, ever again. Big Brother will be looking for them, for you. That means all the photos and videos you’ve made of your pet won’t just be for show.

Top 5 Songbirds Of Singapore

Think you're a good singer? Check out how well you compare in these videos of the top crooning breeds in Singapore.

A Dog’s Purpose

Haven't seen that movie, or refused to watch it? Here's a less teary version of what all pets really do for your kids - and you.

Top 5 Toy Breeds In Singapore

These breeds rule the roost in our HDB flats. And as a bonus, we'll introduce follow-worthy IG accounts from each breed.

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Is your dog’s breath stinky? Here’s how I kept my dog from needing a full-blown dental scaling over the course of 9 years.

5 More Hidden Costs of Owning A Cat or Dog

A recent article on a money-minding website has described 5 ‘hidden costs’ of owning a cat or dog. Here’s our very own ‘Top 5’.

SPCA's Upgraded Community Animal Clinic Now Open

This not-for-profit clinic is the only one of its kind in Singapore, serving needy animals such as SPCA’s rescued animals and animals under the care of other animal welfare groups, rescuers and caregivers.