Meow-tain Climbers

The month of July is significant for Mount Fuji, a famous landmark of Japan. Visitors, hikers and business owners prepare for two months of activity, where many visit to catch a glimpse of the beautiful volcano and her snow-capped scenery. So in typical Japanese creativity, they've come up with Fuji Nyan.
By Pets Team
Published on Monday, 06 July 2015

In Japan, the month of July is when its most prominent mountain, Mount Fuji, is at its busiest – particularly at its elusive fifth station, where hikers and tourists will visit for the ultimate photo of the popular mountain and purchase items from its many shops.

For the cats, there is the Fuji Nyan, or Fuji Meow, a replica of the famous landmark for felines.

A scratching post designed to look like Japan’s highest mountain and active volcano, with a blue body and white snow-capped tips, the scratching post is made in Japan, and is supposedly also extra sturdy and durable with a larger size – 47cm wide and 28cm tall.

For 3,580yen (S$39), any cat can now become a mountaineer in the comfort of their own homes.


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