Too Sweet To Eat

We’ve seen some pretty adorable animal-themed food, but the sweets from Japanese company Yawahada has to take the cake. Specialising in marshmallows, Yawahada creates flavoured marshmallows with an adorable, feline twist.
By Pets Team
Published on Monday, 27 July 2015

With a squee-worthy, three-dimensional cat marshmallow, your next snack may just be too cute to eat. They also sell a regular supply of kitty paw designed marshmallows, in flavours of earl grey, chocolate and vanilla. It’s recommended that the treats are placed in hot drinks, as the marshmallow melts perfectly into a shape of a paw.

While the website is in Japanese, these adorable snacks are available for purchase for international customers – or, if you know a friend who is travelling to Japan soon, don’t forget to add these kawaii snacks to their shopping list.