Power play

Puzzle toys are a fabulous way to keep your clever pooch mentally stimulated. Enhance Fido's problem-solving skills with these innovative creations from this year's Global Pet Expo!
By Pets Team
Published on Monday, 07 September 2015

KRUUSE Buster Activity Mat

(Image credit: www.vetstreet.com)

This activity mat is simple yet smart. Inspired by a toddler's educational playmat, this one is made just for Fido. Crafted from fabric, the basic starter set has 35 press studs and three activities—the envelope, water lily, and cone cloth—that you can attach to the mat. KRUUSE also sells additional attachments to up the challenge. The attachments can be manipulated to offer varying levels of difficulty—leave them open for beginners or fold them for more intelligent hounds. Slip a treat inside each pocket or envelope, and watch your furkid go to town! To ensure that your pooch doesn't rip up the puzzles, always supervise when he plays with the Buster Activity Mat. Available at www.kruuse.com.


Outward Hound Lucky Dog Slots

(Image credit: www.littlecherry.sg)

If your furkid is one to take a gamble, this toy is for him. Designed to mimic a slot machine, this puzzle toy has three chambers for holding kibbles, and a lever that releases the goods when your pooch presses down with his paw. The gadget portions the kibble, making it perfect for feeding pooches that gobble. This is one gambling addiction that we encourage! Retails for $40 at www.littlecherry.sg.