‘VetPal’ Housecall Vet Services to Launch in September 2019

Thinking of saving your precious pet from the stress of vet visits? Have a vetpal come to your home instead, from September 2019.

5 Famously Loyal Dogs

Will your pet try to eat you if you die, or will it wait around and grief for you like these five famous dogs?

A.I. Pet Detectives Are Here

Soon you’ll not need to worry about not being able to find your lost dog or cat, ever again. Big Brother will be looking for them, for you. That means all the photos and videos you’ve made of your pet won’t just be for show.

SPCA's Upgraded Community Animal Clinic Now Open

This not-for-profit clinic is the only one of its kind in Singapore, serving needy animals such as SPCA’s rescued animals and animals under the care of other animal welfare groups, rescuers and caregivers.


Long-time reader Sharon Oh has written in to ask for help rehoming 3 lovely female puppies. So here we are with a heartfelt appeal: please, please please help these girls find a home!

30 Cats Gone Missing In Ang Mo Kio North

The mystery of the missing cats, a possible serial cat-napper. And more.

World’s Ugliest Dog 2019 Crowned

What does it take to win the World Ugliest Dog title? Well, like any beauty contest, it takes a lot more than just beauty and brains - there’s also hair and nails, and maybe a little tongue action.

Pets Villa's 500 Homeless Cats & Dogs Saved, And Safe (For Now)

Pets Villa, a non-profit animal shelter, was going to be shut down by mid-June if it did not raise $48k to repay 3 months worth of debts. Singaporeans decided to step up and represent. Now they need you to lean in.

Outbreak of dog flu in Pasir Ris Farmway shelters

Considered one of the worst contagious disease outbreaks here in recent years, the dog flu has affected over 500 canines at the Pasir Ris Farmway shelters.

Inuka the polar bear might be put down

Although his earlier check-up revealed that Inuka the polar bear’s health is declining rapidly, his final fate will be known after the second medical examination on Apr 25 (Wed).