Doggy deportation

Last week, Hollywood celebrity Johnny Depp's two Yorkshire Terriers were found to be illegally residing in Australia. The authorities then gave Depp 50 hours to remove his furkids from the country. Read about the dramatic incident here.
By Pets Team
Published on Monday, 18 May 2015

Last month, Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp had failed to declare his two pint-sized Yorkshire Terriers as they traveled with him in his private jet from the U.S. to Australia, where he is filming the last installation of blockbuster movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. It was only last week when the Australian authorities noticed that his furkids, Boo and Pistol, were illegally residing in the country.

Because of this, none of the proper biosecurity processes were done, prompting Australian Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce, to declare a state of emergency. The dogs were taken from their Queensland house to a quarantine facility, when he gave the celebrity a harsh ultimatum—the two dogs had 50 hours to leave the country. If not, they will be put down. Thankfully, Depp managed to arrange for his jet to fly Boo and Pistol safely back home before Joyce’s tight deadline.

Like many countries, the Australian law states that all animals being brought into the country need a valid import permit, and must undergo health tests and checks by a certified local veterinarian. This is to prevent the introduction of foreign diseases into the local community.

The two celebrities, Depp and his wife Amber Heard, have not commented on the dramatic incident, but what are your thoughts? Do you think Joyce was too harsh, or were the A-listers the wrong-doers who deserved that treatment from the law?
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Image sources: Daily Mail, Page Six
Information source: The Guardian