We are getting ready: Pets Picnic Party 2015!

If you think our Pets Picnic Party 2015 will be as awesome and fun as last year's, you're wrong--it's going to be BETTER! Here is a flashback from last year's party to keep you going until June.
By Pets Team
Published on Friday, 24 April 2015

The pets office is abuzz with all the excitement around the planning for our next big bash—the Pets Picnic Party 2015. Last year’s paw-ty was a very encouraging success, so this year, we’re working even harder to make sure you and your furkids have a bigger, better ball of a time!

In case you need a reminder, here are some flashback photos from our 2014 picnic:

Registration has already opened for our Pets Picnic Party 2015, so head over here to sign up. Don’t miss our early bird special of just $45 for one picnic pack, which includes entry passes for four pax and two dogs.

Psst. It’s stuffed a whole lot of other awesome goodies for the whole fur-mily too—stay tuned for more updates:

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