Five paw-some watches this CNY

This Lunar New Year, several luxury watch brands released watches with canine designs in celebration of the Year of the Dog. However, the ordinary person wouldn’t splurge tens of thousands of dollars on a watch, so we found some alternatives that are far more affordable and fur-shionable!
By Christiann Priyanka
Published on Wednesday, 21 February 2018


1. Iconic Dog by Winky Designs (US$45.00/S$59.30)

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Sleek and minimal, this watch is perfect for someone who likes to keep things simple but make a statement at the same time. This watch was designed for the Animal Foundation and is a limited edition item. Silhouettes of various dog breeds replace the usual numbers on the watch’s face, making it more interesting to look at when checking the time! It’s also water resistant (up to 98 feet) with a watch case made from stainless steel and a silicone strap. Furthermore, this watch also comes in two colours: Black and white. Available at


2. Mr Big Hugs by Newgate Watches (US$180.00/S$237.10)


Pink Jack Russell Dog Watch | Mr Big Hugs | Newgate Watches


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While minimal, this watch shows off your favourite pooch in a sleek, casual manner. This timepiece is designed for anyone who loves a man’s best friend. The watch face features a classy animation of a Jack Russell’s face with a pink background. You wouldn’t have to tell anyone you love your dog, because your watch says it all! But if Jack Russells aren’t your favourite breed, fret not. Newgate has several other watch designs, including a Beagle, French Bulldog and English Bull Terrier. Surely there’s a design for everyone! Available at


3. Fox the Dog GM188 by Swatch ($82)


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Swatch releases a Zodiac-themed watch every year and for the Year of the Dog, they’ve outdone themselves! Swatch’s latest addition is colourful and adorable, and will remind you why Fido is one of the best animals ever! This Swiss is also pleasing to the eyes because of its neutral colours. With the little addition of the rubber fox on the strap, this watch also reminds you of the classic movie The Fox and the Hound. Even though that movie is a children’s movie, this watch can be worn regardless of age. Available at


4. German Shepherd Silvertone Photo Unisex Watch by Whimsical Watches ($168)



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If you’re someone that just wants to keep things to a minimum, then this watch is for you. Unlike the simplicity of the Iconic Dog watches, this one really gets to the point. The watch’s face is an image of the much beloved German Shepherd. The band is made out of black faux leather and has a grey tone case. The uncomplicated design is something that can be paired with any outfit much of a fuss, and as a bonus, anyone who sees your timepiece can tell that you love German Shepherds. Available at


5. G-Shock DW-6900CB-1CNY18 Chinese Zodiac by G-Shock ($229)

G-SHOCK Year of the Dog


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G-Shock’s Chinese New Year watch is in one word: Beautiful. It features a design that marries black and gold together with a sleek illustration of a dog that has Japanese art influences. The result is an almost futuristic look to the watch, turning the canine into something majestic and powerful with its languid lines. Just like its fierce and strong design, this watch is also shock resistant and waterproof for up to 200 metres. This is truly a statement piece that will have everyone’s eyes turning to look at your watch. Available at G-Factory.


6. Just Dogs Black White Apple Watch Strap by Casetify (US$52/S$68.45)


just dogs black white - Saffiano Leather Watch Band


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We did say we’d feature five watches, but technically, this fur-shionable and sleek product isn’t a watch—it’s an Apple Watch strap. Casetify is home to a myriad of strap designs; for any pup-lover, Casetify will offer you different designs to make your Apple Watch all the more attractive. As a bonus, you can pick the size of the watch band and the colour to match with your handy device. This is a must buy for all you dog-loving Apple Watch wearers! Available at