Cat Owner's Guide

Debunking cat myths

Cats always land on their feet

Cats usually land on their feet first, but not necessary without injuries. A cat can be seriously injured from a great height. Due to the increasing number of high rise apartments, cats getting hurt from falling out of high floor apartment are becoming a norm. Cat-proof screens and precautions can help to prevent cats from fatal falls.

Pregnant women should not live with cats

Toxoplasmosis is a deadly disease for pregnant women to be infected with. It is found mainly in cat litter, raw and uncooked food, and can cause birth defects in new born babies. However, you don't have to avoid contact with cats entirely. Take the following safety precautions to keep yourself away from the disease. Your husband can help with the clearing of cat's litter, always wash your hands after petting the cat, and keep the house clean and hygienic.

Cats that are spayed or neutered gain weight

There is no scientific evidence to prove this myth. Cats gain weight just like human beings; excessive eating with no activity. That said, unspayed or unneutered cats typically have a high mating desire and run around a lot seeking for a mate. Without this urge, they may gain some weight from the normal consumption of food but less exercise. If the weight gain is not normal, seek a veterinarian's advice to check if there are other medical issues.

Garlic on cat's food will keep worms away

Garlic has the tendency to cause anaemia in cats but no scientific proof that it is the antidote to treat worms. Prescribed medication is the most effective way.

Declawing won't hurt my cat

Declawing involves more than just removing the claws. It is an extremely painful surgical procedure to amputate the first joint of each bone of the cat's claw. Many cats do not recover fully and are given up to shelters due to behavioural problems. Declawing is not necessary. Trimming their nails regularly to prevent scratches, placing scratch posts at home for them to buff up their nails and applying apple spray on your furniture will keep your cat from scratching your furniture.

Cow's milk is healthy for my cat

Cats can drink milk but it is not necessary if properly nourished. Some cats may be lactose intolerant and too much milk will give them diarrhoea.

Indoor cats cannot get diseases

Many bacterial infections are air-borne and can be carried into the house by a person's clothing or shoes. Some indoor cats who venture out may get exposed to diseases through other animal contact.

Cats use their whiskers to balance

Cats use their whiskers to feel, not to balance. They use their whiskers to navigate around, locate prey and make judgments on their surroundings. A cat's whiskers should never be trimmed or removed; they are rooted deep in where nerves are abundant.

Cats only purr when they are happy

Yes, cats purr when they are happy but also to express other emotions, not just happiness. Sick cats that are in pain purr to soothe their discomfort and to increase their healing process. A cat may purr during birth and death, or to appease another cat when threatened.