Bed or no-bed with your pet?

It’s 10pm and 27 year-old Nadiah Nayyar is tucking herself into bed. A few minutes later, her British Shorthair jumps into the single bed as well and finds a comfy spot at the foot of Nadiah’s bed. If this were to happen in Carol Chan’s bed, the 30-year-old public servant would have a fright. “I love my cats but would never let them into my bed!” she exclaims.

Does a cat's diet really have an impact on its eye health? Ask the expert!

Q: “I have noticed off-the-shelf cat food touting ingredients that promote eye health. Does a cat’s diet really have an impact on its eye health? If so, what are the key nutrients that they require for optimal eye health, how do they impact the cat’s vision, and what are good sources of these nutrients?”

How To Pill a Dog (in 10 Easy Steps)

I once had to give my dog antibiotics twice daily for 30 days. Here’s how I survived that ordeal with all my hair intact.

16 Pet Foods Possibly Linked To Heart Disease In Dogs, FDA Reports

Yesterday we shared on Facebook that the FDA has listed 16 brands of dog food in potential connection with canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Here’s what you need to know about that report, in a nutshell.

Warning: Beware of Hot Dogs

The tail-end of June promises more dry and hot weather. Did you know that dogs can also get heat strokes? In fact, as you are walking or playing with your dog, even at the beach, watch out for these warning signs.

Fur-bulous hangouts

We dig a little deeper to find out the challenges behind making Singapore’s F&B scene more pet-friendly.

Keep calm and carry on

Pet carriers need to be comfortable, well-ventilated and safe—especially for long journeys. Our resident pets, Bobby and Scotty, put them to the test.

What a bane

Sunny skies mean more outdoor fun for Fido. However, it also means exposing your furkid to nasty bugs. Here are the most insidious creepy crawlies.

Read the signs

Reviewing the Tailio.

Out of this world

Which dog doesn't love a good paw-ty, especially one with meaty lightsabers? Here's how to throw a fur-bulous space-orama for your furry Jedi and his best pals.