Postcard perfect: Top scenic spots to walk your dog

Switch up Fido's daily walk with the prettiest scenic walkways. Our furry tester susses out some gorgeous spots.

Sunny side down: How to prevent damage from the sun

Most dogs love the outdoors, but overexposure to the sun’s rays and heat can lead to health problems. Find out how to make fun in the sun safer for Fido.

Fit and fab

Everybody is flaunting a fitness band these days, so why not Fido? The WonderWoof BowTie is an activity tracker for dogs that allows pet owners to monitor their pooch's movements and exercise in real time.

Take a doggy dip

If the sun is beating down and Fido's tongue is hanging out, throw a pawsome pool party with pup-sicles and floating toys galore.

Meet Fido's kneads

Massages do wonders for our health and well-being, so it’s time to extend the benefits to our furkids. Cart Fido to your nearest therapy centre, or give him some relaxing back rubs with your own two hands.

Work a treat

We pit our furry tester against two treat-dispensing toys to see which ones fared better.

Healthy hop

While it is common knowledge that pooches require and enjoy going out for walks, less is known about a bunny’s needs in that regard. With the increasing availability of leashes and harnesses designed for rabbits, much debate and discussion has surfaced. Is it necessary for our bunnies to head outdoors and are these contraptions safe to use?

Paw-some journeys: GoPro with your dog

After a dog’s video of his paw-rents’ wedding went viral, pet owners found a cool new way to see the world—through their furkid’s eyes. So strap a GoPro on Fido and get creative!

Extreme sport for Spot

Pet owners listen up! There’s a new doggy sport in town called lure coursing and it promises to hone your hound’s hunting instincts and burn off energy.

Dealing with dog bullies

Dog runs are envisioned as happy places where pups enjoy carefree, off-leash romps with playmates—that is, until Fido turns into a wimpy (fur)kid as he’s intimidated by another pooch.