Work a treat

We pit our furry tester against two treat-dispensing toys to see which ones fared better.
By Pets Team
Published on Thursday, 12 May 2016


  • How interested is Fido?
  • Is it challenging for the furkid to get the treats out?
  • Is it easy to clean and dry?
  • Does it seem durable?


Price: $29 to $39
(for sizes Small to Large)
How it works: Made of a non-toxic, latex-free material, the Toppl has five prongs on the inside to trap treats, preventing food from falling out too
easily through the hole by the side. Although it can stand upright, the curved base allows the Toppl to wobble, bounce, topple over and roll around when nudged
or batted. Available in small and large, the two sizes can be interlocked to challenge smarter hounds. The versatile design allows a variety of snacks, including
peanut butter and chew sticks, to be used with the device.
Verdict: Our tiny tester was preoccupied with chewing the Toppl and trying to get the treats out. The prongs prevented food from falling out too easily, but with some persistent nudging and rolling around, all the kibble eventually emerged through the “window”. When the small and large Toppls were interlocked, our tester couldn’t separate the two, but she was greatly entertained by the toy’s rolling motion and even by the ridges in the toy after the treats were gone. Her chewing left barely any marks on the dense material, and it was a breeze to clean and dry after use.
Score: 4.5/5

Price: $50
How it works: This dispenser is shaped like a bowl with a round base and a small hole at the bottom for treats to fall out. Constructed with a deep crevice and an inner chamber of sorts, the snacks are concealed and released as your pooch nudges, noses and rolls the toy around. Made of a non-toxic, squishy material, the Snoop should be used with supervision to ensure it isn’t ripped apart.
Verdict: Being a toy breed, our smaller tester lost interest after a few minutes as she had difficulty nudging and rolling it around. It fared better with our slightly bigger-sized tester, which had little problem getting the kibble out. The Snoop bounces and rolls easily on a flat surface, making it a fun toy for Fido to chase around. The material is pretty soft, so it’s best to monitor your dog, especially if your furkid is a vigorous chewer. To clean, simply flip the inner layer outwards and
rinse with hot water.
Score: 3.5/5


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